Energizer EZG2000IUK 1800w-2100w Inverter Petrol Generator

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  • The EZG2000I is a very handy and reliable generator.
  • From camping trips, vehicles and yachts backup power to outdoor and DIY projects, from emergency power to even disaster relief, the EZG2000i is always a good companion. It helps getting rid of power grid constraints and enjoying freedom of electricity.
  • Energizer values consist in providing the best quality products. We gathered the best innovative technologies that industrial generators already provide and created an unprecedented and affordable generator for everyday use to private individuals.
  • This generator provides two AC outlets which is very unusual for compact 2000W Inverter generators which usually provide only one 100/220V outlet. This gives you more possibilities and freedom to use more electric devices at the same time.
  • We also added two USB DC outlets for your smartphones, tablets or speakers. Besides, thanks to the
  • Energizer Inverter technology, you will not risk to damage your fragile devices.
  • Whichever case you use the EZG2000i, enjoy its 4-hour running time at rated load and 10-hour autonomy at ¼ rated load.
  • We are all tired of the noisy environment we live in. Generators are usually very noisy : up to 75dB which is equivalent to a car engine noise. Our EZG2000i was designed to be as quiet as possible : it reaches 52 to 61 dB, which is equivalent to a normal conversation noise.
    Generators are heavy and most of the time, not easy to move around. Enjoy the efficient portability of the ezg2000I thanks to its wheels and suitcase-like retractable handle.
  • Moreover, storage of the generator is simple and safe. Thanks to its quality insulation system, you can safely storage your generator on its back side. If you carry it in your car you will not experience any leaks or any risk of fall : safe and with no worries
  • The icing on the cake, the EZG2000i speaks to you ! We implemented several sensors inside the generator so that it can communicate with you. It transmits data to your smartphone via the Gen-mate app. Monitor
  • real-time performance of your generator :
  • Real-time power, voltage, amperage and frequency supplied : check if your electric devices receive all the power they require and if the frequency is good enough for your fragile devices.
  • Real-time fuel consumption : optimize and reduce the volume of fuel you use
  • Real-time fuel volume remaining : anticipate lack of fuel
  • All these real-time information can help for maintenance : access your historic data to anticipate any decrease of power supply which could mean your generator needs maintenance. Besides, help your repairer with the gen-mate app : knowing these characteristics at a glance is a gain of time for him, and a gain of money for you !
  • Your construction site does not provide wifi connection ? Nor your camper van ? No worries, theEZG2000 emits a wifi signal which you can connect to your Gen-mate app ! Simple and efficient !


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