WellCut WC-SDD6U Go-Through Screwdriver Set with 6 Pieces

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“After my first project I realised the non-slip pro with the diamond coating really makes a difference! I couldn’t bring myself to buying a basic screwdriver anymore.” - David Kelly

The heavy duty ‘Hammer-Through 6 piece screwdriver set’ comes with all the bells and whistles to get any project completed. Including 2 non-slip diamond coated screwdrivers. All screwdrivers are equipped with strong blade hexagon S2 Steel Cr-6150 material allowing maximum durability against flexing force. A hex bolt between the handle acts as a wrench adapter; this becomes incredibly useful for loosening tough screws. The reinforced structure steel cap handles are strong enough to withstand a hammer when you are in forceful circumstances. This screwdriver ensures the most effective, labour saving experience for any project. This set is ISO 9001 approved.

Product Features

  • 6 PIECE GO-THROUGH SET - Ideal for heavy-duty labour intensive tasks where yourtools might take a beating. Great for working on a site or in a busy workshop.
  • QUALITY NON-SLIP HANDLE - Super comfortable dual injected grips are perfectly balanced when held in the hand.
  • STEEL CAP HANDLES - These screwdrivers feature a steel cap end which is perfect for chiselling and can't come in handy for tapping into rusty screws.
  • DIAMOND COATING - Reduced slipping from the diamond coating will undeniable allow you to work with more accuracy & precision.
  • COMPACT & PORTABLE - This compact size driver set and precision screwdriver easily fit on your tool belt, inside of a toolbox or on a tool rack.
  • VERSATILE & APPLICABLE - Commonly used from dismantling old buildings, renovating projects, or larger construction demands.

Contents Of This Product

The contents of this product include:

  • 3 pcs Slotted: 8x150mm, 6x100mm, 5x75mm.
  • 3 pcs Phillips: PH1X75mm, PH2X100mm, PH3x150mm.

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