Wellcut Black Edition 36 Pcs Screwdriver Bit Set With Quick Change Holder

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  • The Wellcut Black edition Screwdrivers bits are a true reflection of the Wellcut brand.
  • With it’s range of 25mm & 50mm length bits, you’ll never be caught short of that 1 odd size.
  • Black edition offers longer lasting and more durable wear.
  • Encased in a rubber and plastic hard case, with easy to use sliding latch.

Comes With

  • 1 x Wellcut 36 Piece Screwdriver bit set

Include Sizes

PH Bits

  • 2x PH1 (1x 50mm& 1x 25mm)
  • 4x PH2 (1x 50mm& 3x 25mm)
  • 2x PH3 (1x 50mm& 1x 25mm)

PZ Bits

  • 2x PZ1 (1x 50mm& 1x 25mm)
  • 4x PZ2 (1x 50mm& 3x 25mm)
  • 2x PZ3 (1x 50mm& 1x 25mm)

SQ Bits

  • 2x SQ1 (1x 50mm& 1x 25mm)
  • 2x SQ2 (1x 50mm& 1x 25mm)
  • 2x SQ3 (1x 50mm& 1x 25mm)

Slot Bits

  • 2x SL5(1x 50mm&1x 25mm)
  • 2x SL6(1x 50mm& 1x 25mm)
  • 1x SL4 (1x 25mm)
  • 1x SL3 (1x 25mm)

Torx Bits

  • 1x T10 (1x 25mm)
  • 1x T15 (1x 25mm)
  • 1x T20 (1x 25mm)
  • 1X T25 (1x 25mm)
  • 1x T27 (1x 25mm)
  • 1x T30 (1x 25mm)
  • 1x T40 (1x 25mm)

Bit Holders

  • Quick Change Bit Holder


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