May 13 , 2022

A visit from Makita: Presenting the cordless garden tool range

They’re back! As promised, our friends at Makita UK, Darrell Beresford (Sales/Demo/Training Rep) and Courtney Frankish (Product Specialist), have returned to UK Planet Tools to film another video with us, and this time, they’re here to talk all about their new range of Outdoor Garden Products.

The new collection features tools from both the XGT and LXT systems, coming together to create one of Makita’s most powerful ranges yet. The LXT system is the world’s largest compatible cordless tool system powered by both single 18V and 18V + 18V (36V) double batteries, whereas the XGT system is Makita’s standalone 40V lithium-ion platform.

What you’ll get in the range varies from the DLM382 Cordless Lawnmower, to the DUH604S 18V Hedge Trimmer, and so much more! Come along with us and we’ll take a deeper look into this exciting new collection - and just in time for BBQ season, too! 

Back with Brushless

As standard for Makita these days, the cordless garden tool range is all brushless, so that’s 30% more run time on your tools. It also means these tools perform better, and are quieter to use (which is good news for your neighbours - not to mention your auditory health). The machines are lower maintenance, too, as you won’t need to replace the brushes as you would with a brushed model.

Also, did you know brushed models are more dangerous to use? Yep, that’s right; if you don’t change the brushes regularly, the tools may spark, which can be a pretty scary situation, even for an experienced tradesperson. Learn more about the benefits of using a brushless motor in our ‘Why you should go brushless’ blog.

Cordless Convenience

As Darrell explains to us in our video (which we’ll get to in a bit) all the tools in this collection are cordless, so there’ll be no trailing wires around you in the garden. It’s also handy if you don’t have a power outlet outside, since we all know that using an indoor one when gardening is not so fun (really; even with a long wire it seems to get tangled!)

What’s more, without a wire, you’ll be able to get to those tough, hard-to-reach areas easier, as it makes the tool portable. Like Makita, we believe that cordless is the future, particularly for outdoor use, so we’re so excited to show off these products.

The most powerful range yet?

Back in February 2022 we showed you how well the XGT 40V - 80V system performed, but this time, there’s 36V (or 2 x 18V) LXT products involved, too, making this an extremely powerful range. 

The 18V + 18V (36V) batteries provide optimum performance by working together to increase your run time. As Darrell mentions, this means the models ‘Have to have both [batteries] on to run’, so always keep a spare charged, just in case.

But isn’t having two batteries less convenient than having one, you ask? Well, not really, as with two batteries, there’ll be less stopping and starting while you work, so you can get back to relaxing quicker than expected. And think about how powerful Makita’s 18V models can be, now times that by two! They do say two is better than one...

Side note: Always use Makita branded batteries with their machines, since this will give you a smoother operation. Buy in kits so you always have the right ones.

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Our visit

Now, enough about the technicalities, we know why you’re here. You want to see what’s in the collection, of course! To talk you through it, we’ve got Darrell giving you the low-down in our studio, and Courtney in the garden getting her hands dirty with the tools.

Our Design team had so much fun making this video, so, we hope you like it, and find it informative!

Drumroll, please… 

The full collection:

1. DLM382 36V (18V + 18V) LXT Cordless Lawnmower (0.35-1:52)

2. DUH604S 18V Hedge Trimmer (01:53-03:34)

3. DUC355 Brushless Chainsaw (03:35-05:53)

4. DUB363ZV 36V Leaf Blower (05:54-07:12)

5. UB001G 40V XGT Blower (07:13-09:14)

6. UH004G 40V Hedge Trimmer (09:15-10:50)

7. UR003G 40V XGT Brushless Line Trimmer (10:51-12:35)

See something you like?

Buy it at UK Planet Tools! We've got the whole range while stocks last, available as body-only models or in kits.


Get Summer ready: Why not start with the Makita UB001GD201 40V XGT Cordless Leaf Blower With 2 x 2.5Ah Batteries, Charger & Adaptor? There are so many great features.


  • Variable speed trigger: With speeds ranging from 0-20,000 rpm, this cordless leaf blower will have your garden cleaned up in no time.
  • Boost mode: You can even increase the speed by using Makita's Boost Mode, giving you up to 23,000 rpm - that's 143 mph!
  • Total control: There's the option to use a throttle, which will keep the tool running without even touching the trigger, so you'll have constant speed control.

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