April 14 , 2022

Keeping up with TOUGH MASTER®: Brand New Products

In the world of power tools, it’s often hard to keep up. It feels like there’s a new product released every five minutes, and as a tradesperson, your toolkit can’t afford to fall behind on trends.


But don’t worry, we’re here to help make your life (and your job) easier. Just for you, we’ve listed all the brand new TOUGH MASTER® products available on our website; from the TM-HG612 Heat Gun to the TM-DSC615 Dog Seat Cover, there’s something for everyone.


So, come along with us as we guide you through our expanding TOUGH MASTER® range; we think your toolkit will thank you for it!

TOUGH MASTER® Heat Gun Professional 2000W with 4 nozzles - 2000W 50℃-600℃ (TM-HG612)

A heat gun is always a great addition to a toolbox. Whether you need to remove wallpaper from a wall, loosen some old bolts and screws, or dry out damp wood, using a heat gun can make your job easier. Not only that, but it's quite fun to use, and looks cool, too (have you ever seen it melt paint?!) Go ahead and try it for yourself with TOUGH MASTER®'s Heat Gun professional 2000W with 4 nozzles.


  • Powerful Motor: This 2000W corded hot air gun has two power modes – I (max): 350℃, 250L/minute; II (max): 600℃, 550L/minute. Cooling-down mode for this electric heat gun is 50℃, 550L/minute. The TOUGH MASTER® TM-HG612 heat gun can run continuously for 500 hours
  • 12 Temperature Settings: When using this hot air gun, you can switch the temperature between the low heat setting of 50°C to the maximum of 600°C with a single push of a button. The adjustable temperature settings allow you to perform a whole range of tasks.
  • LCD Display & Memory Function: Thanks to its digital display, this electric heat gun clearly shows the temperature and air volume settings. It also has a built-in power-on memory function and will continue to work at the temperature and speed set last time without you having to reset it.

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TOUGH MASTER® Dog Car Seat Cover Scratch Proof, Nonslip, Waterproof - 600 Denier (TM-DSC615)

Be it a trip to the vet or a journey to their favourite park, sometimes, dogs need a seat in the car. However, any dog companion knows that having them in the car comes with its problems. For instance, your furry friend might like to get their muddy pawprints on things, or shed their fur all over your seats. If this sounds like your dog, give our car seat cover a try, and you might finally get to drive comfortably with your canine. Until the barking starts, at least.


  • Premium quality: This dog seat cover uses only the best materials (600D Oxford Fabric; 210D Oxford Fabric; Sprayed Cotton and additional Anti-Slip Rubber cloth), so you can say goodbye to cracks, dirt, and scratches. With unique waterproof cotton and PVC layers, your car seats will be protected from pawprints & punctures.
  • Versatile: The protection liner for car boot is extremely versatile, and can be used in any car, truck, or SUV; from a MINI to a Monster Truck! With a maximum open size of 54" x 58", use this car dog cover as a multifunctional hammock, seat cover, or cargo liner.
  • Quick and secure installation: Dog seat covers require two-minute installation. Simply snap the buckle straps around your headrests and tuck in the seat anchors. Heavy-duty quick-release headrest straps with integrated seat anchors and anti-slip bottom design will ensure the seat cover protector stays in place.

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TOUGH MASTER® Corded Mini Circular Saw with 24T TCT Blade, Edge Guide, Dust Pipe & Hex Key - 705 Watts (TM-MCS115)

If using a circular saw is second nature to you, why not go for this Mini Circular Saw? It's all the power of a circular saw but in a compact design! Not to mention, it's corded, so you won't have to worry about replacing the batteries every time they run out (and you won't have to take them out of one of your other tools because, let's face it, you don't keep spares). It just screams, 'Add me to your basket', doesn't it?


  • Powerful motor: This corded circular saw has an extremely powerful 705W motor and a high speed of 3,500rpm, ideal for cutting wood, metal, tiles, plywood, and plastic. Use the tool on wooden floors, for grout repair, on fences, planters, herb gardens, signs, birdhouses, drywall repair, etc.
  • Laser function: The laser guide allows you to cut in a straight line, making precise, quick cuts with ease. Simply follow the laser with the blade and get great results, guaranteed. You can even adjust the cutting depth from 0-25mm to better suit your cutting needs.
  • Dust extraction tube: The dust collection on this mini circular saw connects to the tool to prevent debris, such as wood chips, from flying around while in use. With this add-on, you'll get the job done with a lot less clean-up, and be safer in the process.

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TOUGH MASTER® Reciprocating Saw Sabre Saw Corded Recip Saw Variable Speed with 2 saw blades for wood & metal, 1 hex key - 1050W (TM-RS150E)

Now, who doesn't love a reciprocating saw? They're so versatile, really powerful, and can be used to cut all different materials (really - they can even be used for pruning!) If you're looking to buy a new one, look no further than the TOUGH MASTER® Reciprocating Saw, with adjustable speed to suit different tasks. With this tool, trust us when we say, all your troubles will be behind you. Well, your cutting-related troubles, anyway.


  • Powerful motor: The high-performance 1050W motor for this reciprocating saw gives a maximum operating speed of 3000RPM, which allows you to cut different materials quickly and easily: wood, metal, plywood, fibreboard, and PVC.
  • Variable speed trigger: This powerful electric reciprocating saw from TOUGH MASTER® has a large trigger switch to allow variable speed control, for speeds from 0 to 3000RPM. This means stable, accurate cutting no matter what your task.
  • Quick blade change: Changing the saw blade for your TM-RS150E reciprocating saw is quick, thanks to the included hex key. When installing the saw blade, press the bolt with the hex key to open the groove at the time of installing the blade. Our saw comes with two TOUGH MASTER® saw blades, one for wood and metal.

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TOUGH MASTER® Utility Knife retractable auto load with 4 blades (TM-UTK194A)

An obvious yet essential tool to keep in your toolkit is a utility knife. This handy tool can be used for marking and scoring materials such as drywall, cardboard, and paper. Since it is such a common, small tool, you don't want to push the boat out too much for one; so, go for the TOUGH MASTER® Utility knife for an affordable yet effective hand tool. You'll even have 4 extra blades for when they go blunt. Sounds like a winner, to us.


  • Heavy Duty Design: This high-grade utility knife is constructed from zinc alloy for durability and corrosion resistance, with PA ergonomic handle for comfortable hold, great non-slip control and reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use.
  • High-strength Blades: The blades for this auto-retractable knife are uniquely sharpened and made of strengthened SK2 premium-quality steel. The blades have anti-rust coating.
  • Safety Feature: This auto load retractable trimming knife has 3-position manual retraction for various cutting and safety uses: The blade is fully retractable for safety when not in use.

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TOUGH MASTER® Folding utility knife with blade compartment & 3 replacement blades (TM-UFK174)

Another option for a utility knife is to go foldable. This TOUGH MASTER® Folding Utility Knife can fold in not one, not two, but three different angles, making it safe to store away in your pocket or tool belt. You'll also get 3 extra blades with this hand tool, so there's no panic if your blade is no longer as sharp as it was the first time you used it. Again, an affordable and essential tool that does as you'd expect a utility knife to do. Wonderful.


  • Durability & Comfort: The durable body for this folding utility knife is made of strong aluminium alloy for optimum performance and long service life. The rubberised handle grip allows for a comfortable, secure hold.
  • High-strength Blades: This folding box cutter has uniquely sharpened blades made of strengthened SK2 premium-quality steel with a special rust-resistant coating.
  • Convenient, Easy & Safe: An ideal characteristic of folding utility knives is that the blade is extra-secure. The blade of this folding utility knife can fold in 3 angles: 90°, 135° and 180°. You can easily change the angle to suit different materials and different types of work. The simple one-button blade-locking design locks the blade in place for safe and efficient cutting. The wide thumb-rest offers more stable use.

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TOUGH MASTER® Retractable Utility Knife Retractable Trimming Utility Knife with 4 SK2 Blades (UTK184)

Yes, we really do have more utility knives to choose from. This one comes with 4 SK2 premium quality steel blades with sharp 'shark' teeth, and has a quick blade-change mechanism for when you need to replace them. The blades can be stored in the handle, so it's super convenient for when you need a new one. It also gives you a nice, safe place to keep them. Sounds good to us, what about you?


  • Durable Construction: The durable aluminium-alloy body and strong ABS plastic handle for this utility cutting knife guarantee reliable use and impact resistance, better than that of many similar products on the market. The comfortable rubberised handle grip offers a secure, non-slip hold to reduce hand fatigue, even during prolonged use.
  • High-strength Blades: The blades for this retractable utility knife are uniquely sharpened and made of strengthened SK2 premium-quality steel. Each retractable utility blade has an anti-rust coating.
  • Safety Feature: This angled utility knife has 3-position manual retraction for various cutting purposes and improved safety. The blade is fully retractable for enhanced safety when this retractable knife is not in use.

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TOUGH MASTER® Utility Knife Blades 10 Pieces, Box of 10 Blades to fit Cutting Tool (TM-USB10)

While you may already have enough blades to last you a while if you've bought yourself one of our TOUGH MASTER® utility knives, it's still nice to have some spare, isn't it? So, we've added a box of 10 spare blades to our catalogue, which should be plenty; even if you use the knife daily. And when you need another top-up, you can always purchase some more; they won't break the bank. That's what we like to hear, isn't it?


  • High-strength Blades: Because these replacement utility knife blades are made of high-quality high-carbon SK2 steel, they are 3X more durable and longer lasting than other knife blades. These utility knife blades have extra-sharp edges, thanks to the precision-engineered double-honed edges.
  • Practical Design: The cutter blade’s cutting angle is 50°, making the force more uniform and not easy to break. The trapezoidal shape of these trimming knife blades suggests that they can be reused by flipping and reloading them, using the "fresh" point.
  • Universal Compatibility: Each one of the utility knife blades in this handy 10-pack from TOUGH MASTER® fit most leading brand knives and is suitable for trade use.

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TOUGH MASTER® Digital Tyre Inflator DC 12V for Car Tyres & Bicycles with Auto Shut Off, LED Light (TM-TС110D)

All drivers have been there. You start the car after a long working day when you hear it: the loud, thumping sound of a flat tyre. Fantastic. You're already late getting home and there's absolutely no way you'll be able to make it to a garage. You've not even got a spare. But no matter, TOUGH MASTER® is here for you. Their Digital Tyre Inflator will pump up your tyres and have you safely on the road again. Just be sure to keep it in the boot!


  • Powerful Motor & Fast Inflation: This air pump for car tyres has a 110W pure copper coil motor for powerful performance, suitable for inflating tyres on midsize SUVs, cars and bikes. It delivers maximum pressure of 150 PSI, so you can easily inflate a typical car tyre from 0 to 35 psi in 5–6 minutes using this car air pump digital.
  • Heavy-duty Materials: This car tyre inflator is made from lightweight, durable plastic, and its sturdy hose is designed to withstand high air pressure levels even while delivering maximum airflow. This means that you’ll have years of use from this air compressor for car – and its portable design means that you can take it with you and easily store it.
  • Auto Shut-off: Because of its auto shut-off function, this TOUGH MASTER® car air pump provides worry-free use. Just pre-set the desired air-pressure level and start inflating; the car air compressor will shut off automatically at the pre-set level. This means that there is no need to worry about over-inflating or under-inflating.

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TOUGH MASTER® Car Vacuum Corded Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Home and Car Cleaning with 5 nozzles - 90 Watts (TM-CVC105)

Aside from breaking down, the biggest hassle in a car owner's life is keeping it clean. Not only does the exterior need to stay free from dirt and dust, but the interior also has to stay clutter-free (and we all know how hard that is if you have pets and/or children making a mess in the back seat). That's why a corded car vacuum is always a good idea to have on standby, so you can remove the debris as soon as it appears. Just makes life that bit easier.


  • Strong suction: This car vacuum has a high suction of 6000 PA with a high-performance 90W motor, providing superior suction capability in a compact gadget. This will leave your car looking dirt and dust-free in no time at all.
  • Versatile: The car vac comes with 5 attachments to make the most out of the tool: 1 long tube for hard-to-reach areas, 1 brush for carpets and upholstery, 1 cleaning suction nozzle for under seats, cracks, crevices, and 2 connectors.
  • Removable HEPA filter: There is a removable HEPA filter on this hand held vacuuming corded mini hoover, which is easy to remove and is also washable. Simply wash with soap and water and dry off with a cloth for the best efficiency.

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