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Makita Cordless Grinder

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Makita DGA517 18V BL Grinder + 2 x 5.0Ah Batteries & Charger
Makita DGA517 18V BL Grinder + 2 x 5.0Ah Batteries & Charger
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Buying a Makita Cordless Grinder at UK Planet Tools

A grinder is one of the most versatile electric power tools anyone can have in their tool bag. Designed to perform a range of metalworking, woodworking, stonework and masonry-related tasks with the use of an abrasive disc, this popular tool is most commonly used for finishing, deburring, cutting and polishing a variety of workpieces. But if you need extra mobility while working, a Makita cordless grinder is ideal.

Before you part with your hard-earned money, however, it’s best to ensure you’re choosing a high-quality product that is capable of performing the tasks you’re planning. That’s why we’ve put together this brief guide to buying Makita battery grinders.

What Does a Makita Battery Grinder Do?

A Makita cordless grinder with brushless motor is a hand-operated tool designed to smooth, finish, polish or deburr metal workpieces. This relatively simple product features an ergonomic handle and a rotating head. A selection of abrasive discs can be attached in order to carry out specific metalworking and woodworking tasks.

For example, a Makita 4-inch cordless grinder can be fitted with a diamond cutting disc for heavy-duty jobs such as cutting granite with precision. A standard angle grinder disc, meanwhile, is used for finishing metal workpieces, polishing, softening weld joints and generally tidying up metalwork.

Buying a Makita 115mm cordless grinder gives you a tool that’s capable of performing most standard metalworking jobs. But by choosing a cordless grinder, you get the added benefit of mobility and freedom while you work.

Buying the Perfect Makita 18v Cordless Angle Grinder for Your Needs

Buying the cheap option isn’t always the best option. To be sure that your chosen product can cope with the demands you place on it, you should check the features it offers.

  • A brushless motor for maximum efficiency and charge
  • A cordless grinder that is capable of performing heavy-duty tasks for long periods
  • Safety technology that detects when the rotation begins to slow and switches the grinder off for the user’s safety
  • A stop-start function that speeds up the process
  • An electric braking system
  • A paddle switch
  • A spare battery to ensure you don’t have to stop working while you wait for the charging process to complete

Choosing Your Makita 18 Volt Cordless Grinder

You’ll find a wide selection of Makita cordless grinders right here at UK Planet Tools. Take the time to browse the various options, and compare all the features and accessories included. Once you’ve found the grinder that best suits your needs, you’ll be able to buy it for a good price. Not only that, you’ll get free delivery to any address in mainland UK. Whether you’re in London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Bristol or Manchester, you could have your purchase within just 24 hours. At UK Planet Tools, we ensure buying premium power tools is simple and not expensive.

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