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EasyInflate 18V-500 (1x2.0Ah) Inflators
EasyInflate 18V-500 (1x2.0Ah) Inflators
29.66per month
No reviews
EasyInflate 18V-500 (Baretool) Inflators
EasyInflate 18V-500 (Baretool) Inflators
15.00per month
No reviews
Makita MP001GZ02 40Vmax XGT Cordless Inflator With Case
Makita MP001GZ02 40Vmax XGT Cordless Inflator With Case
38.88per month
No reviews
Makita MP001GZ 40Vmax XGT Cordless Inflator Bare Unit
Makita MP001GZ 40Vmax XGT Cordless Inflator Bare Unit
33.17per month
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Cordless Tyre Inflator

We all know that keeping your car tires in good shape and perfect inflation leads to improved fuel efficiency, safer vehicle maintenance and a smooth drive. Nevertheless, a lot of us procrastinate when it comes to driving down to the next service station just to get the tire pressure checked.

Fortunately for us, some of the more innovative companies have succeeded in inventing the highly desirable machine we all absolutely need, available at an astonishingly good price.

Why you need a cordless inflator tool

The cordless car tyre inflator can easily prove to be a lifesaver in many situations. Call it the cordless rechargeable car tyre inflator or cordless bike tire inflator; this wonderfully handy machine works with a rechargeable battery and provides the effortless ease, sparing you a trip to the local service station for the regular or emergency car maintenance. The inflator pumps in highly compressed air into the tubes with painless comfort. Furthermore, you can also inflate other things such as air mattresses, sporting equipment, dipping pools and kid’s playthings with it.

The most popular cordless digital tyre inflator model by Makita comes with a swim ring, ball, French, and British adapters; batteries charger and casing. It is perfect to be used in small and large vehicles from bicycles to motor bikes to cars, trucks and tractors. It is extremely user friendly and comes with the following main features:

  • Digital screen to select the options
  • Multiple inflation modes to choose from i.e. High speed, Low speed and Ball mode
  • Pre-set the limit to engage automated stopping of operation
  • Special holder place for the adapter
  • Soft and easy handle grip for continued use
  • Digitized pressure gauge
  • Also featuring an air release function, where you can release excess air from the tube, in case of over inflation
  • Automatic thermal protection function, with thermostat indicating when the machine is overheated
  • Built-in LED light to provide extra illumination
  • High performance and efficiency to refill your car tires in less than 1 minute
  • Light in weight body for easy operations and carriage

Best cordless tyre inflator UK

Getting a cordless compressor inflator at home, or a ring cordless tyre inflator can be an excellent addition to your DIY workshop or even if you are not a DIYer, a good idea for regular car maintenance. You can check out this wonderful model by Makita or order another from our large collection of equipment.

Our online tools store showcases high quality but not expensive professional machinery, ready for delivery across the mainland UK. You can order from anywhere and receive your package within 5 – 7 business days in all major cities from London, Manchester and Liverpool to Bristol, Birmingham and Glasgow.

For the convenience of our esteemed customers, we also offer a rather cheap bargain on every purchase, where you can opt for delayed payments in a few interest-free installments on monthly basis.

Head to our online store to find more details.

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