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Hilka 710w Planer | PTPL710
Hilka 710w Planer | PTPL710
22.63per month
No reviews
Bosch GHO 16-82 D 230V Planer  - 06015A4070
Bosch GHO 16-82 D 230V Planer - 06015A4070
50.66per month
No reviews
Hikoki P18DSL/W4Z 18V Cordless Planer Bare Unit
Hikoki P18DSL/W4Z 18V Cordless Planer Bare Unit
43.40per month
No reviews
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Why you need a cordless planer

While setting up your woodwork practice or a DIY workshop at home, your list of essentials probably had a wood planer in its top 3. The perfectly smooth glide, the precise adjustment of the blade to shave off the finest of layers and the control it provides to quickly achieve your desired plank thickness or finish, make the power planer a valuable team player.
Whether you need to smooth out some thicker beams, or even out a stack in a perfectly finished manner; wood planers are the go-to tool to plane away the chips, cut down the splinters and flatten the crooked edges.

Corded vs. cordless planer

Power planers come as both corded and cordless planers. While mulling over the decision to buy one, consider the advantages a modern cordless electric planer has over the classic mains version.

  • Portability: battery planer is more portable, making it easy to use anywhere without having to worry about the power source.
  • Ease of use: A cordless electric planer is hassle-free, with no wires or connections to worry about, giving you more freedom to work.
  • Cost effective option: The portable planer is a rather cheap electric planer, compared to the giant corded planers, which are usually more powerful and more expensive.
  • Simpler Storage: For the cordless electric planer toolstation, you need much less space, and thus even small storage room will do, compared to the corded version which needs more stowing space.
  • Handy Machine: the battery operated power wood planer tool is light-weight and handy, to let you work comfortably for longer.
  • Standard Batteries: The battery time on power planers is truly amazing. Plus, they use standard batteries easily available in the market with no special requirements.

Modern technology and advancement in research and engineering have made it possible to harness more power in cordless planers getting closer to the mains corded machines in terms of performance. Thus, choosing a portable electric planer over a corded one is definitely worth it.

Where to buy the best electric planers UK

If you are looking to buy toolstation electric planer in mainland UK, you have come to the right place. UK Planet Tools is an online retailer of power tools working with major power tool brands.

  • Range of brands: We sell only the high quality wood planers from authentic top of the line manufacturers such as Makita, Dewalt, Bosch and more.
  • Competitive Prices: Despite selling the top products, we offer highly competitive prices. Our tools and machines are not expensive, making it possible for DIYers to purchase quality tools at a good price.
  • Quick delivery: We offer free shipping and fast delivery, all over the mainland UK. Our warehouses are spread across the country, making it easier for us to deliver the goods to major cities from London, Birmingham, Liverpool to Bristol, Manchester and as far as Glasgow, on short notice.

Check out our online shop to buy your tools today and enjoy working with them tomorrow.

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