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Milwaukee Reciprocating Saw Buyer’s Guide

A Milwaukee reciprocating saw is a handheld electric power tool that cuts through a variety of surfaces using a pull-and-push motion. Sometimes referred to as a recip or sabre saw, this lightweight, agile tool features a large blade that looks like a jigsaw blade. And the handle is designed in such a way as to make cutting vertical surfaces relatively straightforward.

Sometimes used for cutting holes in walls and small-scale demolition projects, a Milwaukee reciprocating saw is easy to use, powerful and very reliable.

How Does a Milwaukee Compact Reciprocating Saw Work?

The blade in a reciprocating saw looks like a jigsaw blade, but it also acts like one. The blade moves back and forth at varying speeds, tearing through wood, plasterboard and metals with relative ease. The sharpness of the blade combined with the sheer power of the pull-push motion allows you to cut straight and curved lines into vertical surfaces with minimal effort.

What Are the Most Common Uses for a Milwaukee Reciprocating Saw in the UK?

The 18v Milwaukee reciprocating saw is a versatile tool that, when paired with the right blade, can perform a multitude of construction and DIY tasks.

  • Cutting wood and metal surfaces
  • Trimming trees and pruning hedges
  • Taking down walls
  • Removing doorframes and windows
  • Installing doors and openings in interior walls

What Is the Best Milwaukee Reciprocating Saw?

The best Milwaukee reciprocating saw isn’t always the cheap option. You should choose the model that provides you with the functions and benefits you need to complete your projects. But there are a few minimum requirements in this regard:

  • A Milwaukee 18v reciprocating saw is powerful enough for most jobs, but they are available in 40v versions
  • A charging stand for safe and convenient battery replenishment
  • A charging adapter
  • Spare batteries (min 2.5Ah battery)

You should be able to find a great Milwaukee reciprocating saw at a good price with all the features listed below:

  • An electronic safety brake
  • Variable speed settings — trigger-operated
  • LED lights for maximum accuracy in low-light conditions
  • Constant speed option
  • An efficient and powerful brushless motor
  • A rubberised, non-slip handle
  • One-touch blade ejection for maximum safety

Buy a High-Quality Milwaukee Reciprocating Saw at a Great Price

The best Milwaukee reciprocating saw for your needs is easy to find and not expensive at UK Planet Tools. Peruse the comprehensive selection of models available, and compare features until you find the perfect option. We supply a huge range of saws to addresses all over mainland UK, including to major cities such as London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Bristol and Manchester. With free delivery on all orders over £30, UK Planet Tools is the only power tool specialist you’ll ever need.

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