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Latest product reviews
Fabio de Campos Pereira Verified Order
Awesome storage solution … always reliable and with the tstack module makes life easier!!
6 May
Ian Clark Verified Order
Early days but happy so far.
3 May
Eddie Verified Order
Well made, light weight mower. Just gets around our estimated 500m sq lawns on two 3AH batteries which I have from previous Makita tools. Other great thing is the plastic deck. A steel one was the downfall of our previous mower as it just rotted through.
3 May

Cordless trim router overview

A compact cordless router tool effectively handles every job its bigger mains counterpart does, without the hassle of wires interfering and restricting movement.

Some major functions of this implement include:

  • Fine trimming wood planks with ease
  • Creating fancy designs on wooden surfaces
  • Flush-trimming bit to work on shelf edges, veneer and laminate.
  • Joinery jobs made simple
  • Rounding sharp edges
  • Creating chamfers to make joints
  • Routing grooves, dados, and dovetails
  • Making Rabbets
  • Easily Mortise & Tenon joints

Things to consider when buying a cordless mini router

Type you need. The 3 main types of routers include:

  1. Fixed-base
  2. Plunge
  3. Combo

Be sure to pick the one that suits perfectly to your needs.

  • Mechanical Power: Sometimes handier tools have to compromise on the power of the machine. Be sure to check the power you need, before making a buying decision.
  • Variable Speed: Always an advantage. Helps you cut the edges and materials with more precision to garner desired results efficiently.
  • Collets: Should ideally be made of strong material like tempered steel. Poorly made collets wear out sooner and are compromise efficiency.
  • Dust extraction option: Anything that doesn’t collect dust will only add to your worries and dust particles will hamper with the work
  • Handle Grip: before buying one, try handling it and make sure the handle and grip are comfortable for you to work with, carrying the weight easily and providing comfort so you can focus on your task.
  • Investment amount: Price is a very important factor as these machines require massive investments. For something that’s not expensive and excellent in specs, visit our online store to make your pick.

Where to buy cordless palm router UK

Whether you are looking to get a cordless 1 2 router or thinking where to find best cordless router UK, make sure to never compromise on high quality of the product. They do not come cheap, but a number of options are available for a good price to suit every budget.

Our online store features a large variety of these handy machines from all the leading manufacturers namely the more high-end one Milwaukee, and a wider range of more reasonably priced Makita and Dewalt. Order one today for delivery anywhere in mainland UK from London, Bristol, Liverpool to Manchester, Birmingham or Glasgow and receive your order iwthin 4 -5 working days.

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