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Latest product reviews
Fabio de Campos Pereira Verified Order
Awesome storage solution … always reliable and with the tstack module makes life easier!!
6 May
Ian Clark Verified Order
Early days but happy so far.
3 May
Eddie Verified Order
Well made, light weight mower. Just gets around our estimated 500m sq lawns on two 3AH batteries which I have from previous Makita tools. Other great thing is the plastic deck. A steel one was the downfall of our previous mower as it just rotted through.
3 May

Buying the Perfect Makita Router

A Makita router is an electric power tool used primarily for intricate carpentry tasks and furniture making. Consisting of two handles, a base, an electric motor and a selection of bits, this specialist tool is a must-have item in any furniture maker’s tool bag.

What Jobs Can a Makita 18v Router Perform?

A Makita 18v router is a versatile tool that makes cutting intricate, ornate shapes into wood a relatively straightforward process. When you have one of these tools at your disposal, you can perform a range of tasks that might otherwise take a lot longer:

  • Cabinet work
  • Cutting intricate edges into shelves
  • Creating circles in wood
  • Creating rounded edges
  • Cutting grooves into storm windows

A Makita cordless router makes these jobs even easier, as it is free from cables — giving you more flexibility and access to tight areas.

What Should I Look for in a Makita Cordless Router?

It’s important to remember that buying the cheap option isn’t always the best option. The most appropriate Makita battery router for your needs will probably be the one that gives you all the features you need for a good price. Those features might include:

  • A soft start option
  • Speed control via a dial
  • The ability to set a constant speed
  • The ability to connect a Makita hand router to an external dust extractor
  • LED lighting to ensure maximum accuracy and safety in dark spaces
  • What Accessories Are Available with a Router from Makita?

A Makita 18v router kit provides you with a range of accessories and peripheral devices — all designed to make your work easier while ensuring accuracy. For example, there should be both a charger and a carry case, as this is a relatively complex power tool.

Other accessories that could make your life easier include:

  • A trimmer base
  • A plunge base
  • A tilt base
  • An offset base
  • Hex wrenches
  • A collet cone

Rather than simply buy the router, you’ll save money in the long run by purchasing a complete Makita router 18v kit — complete with all the accessories you’ll ever need for successful woodworking.

Buy a Makita Palm Router Today

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