DeWalt DCV584L 18V XR 7 Litre L-Class Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Bare Unit

DeWalt DCV584L 18V XR 7 Litre L-Class Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Bare Unit
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Comes with
Comes with
1 x DCV584L Vacuum
1 x 2 Metre Hose
1 x Crevice Tool
1 x Wide Nozzle
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DeWalt DCV584L 18V XR 7 Litre L-Class Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Bare Unit
DeWalt DCV584L 18V XR 7 Litre L-Class Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Bare Unit
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The DeWalt DCV584L dust extractor is compatible with 14.4v and 18v XR Li-ion batteries, as well as the new FLEXVOLT battery packs for maximum versatility (runs at 18v max to increase runtime). In addition to this, the DCV584L can be operated via 230v mains giving a choice of either corded or cordless use, making it the most portable dust extractor in its class.

  • L-class filter traps 99.97% of dust as fine as 0.3 microns
  • Compatible with DeWalt Airlock tools
  • Wet & dry vacuuming without the need to change filters
  • Blower function
  • 2 meter hose
  • Ergonomic top located carrying handle for easy transportation
  • On board attachment storage
Voltage (V) 18 V
Part No DCV584L-XJ
Barcode 5035048648865
Power Input 300 Watts
Max Airflow 15.9 l/sec
Height 330 mm
Sound Pressure 76 dB(A)
Sound Pressure Uncertainty 3 dB(A)
Sound Power 87 dB(A)
Sound Power Uncertainty 3 dB(A)
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Latest Reviews
Ben Cox
This is a great hoover take everywhere
22 February
ross l.
1 January
Israel Bode
Practical, chunky Dewalt quality but hose is too short for use with smaller tools for extraction unless you place it very close to work which is not always practical - when used with mitre saw for dust extraction it has less suction than an old Miele junior bagged vacuum and is much louder, also the Meile never clogs and will pick up anything that fits through the hose, the Dewalt filter choked on sawdust after 30mins reducing suction and even after cleaning the filter it struggles to pick up small off cuts or wood chips, still a good tool and does extract/filter fine dust from sander well but pricey given the limitations and you need to spend an extra £40 on vacuum ‘accessories’ that come as standard with other vacuums unless you want to use it on your knees. Best feature is portability and compatibility with Dewalt 18v batteries and smaller power tools, it does work well if you regularly clean the filter (which I do with the old Miele!)
10 December
Reviews 30
Paul B.
Getting used to product so too soon to say
8 December
This is a great quite light portable wetvac hoover perfect for getting into places to clean up after working if there is no power points
24 August
Stephen K.
10 August
Sue Hoggarth
Bought for my son really pleased with it ideal for his work
14 July
Dean seary
I read the reviews before I bought it as some people was saying it’s wasn’t very powerful but I’ve found it a great bit of kit for what I use it for with no problems so far
15 April
Heather Lee
really useful when you cannot run cables does just what is required
8 February
Michael R.
delivered fast and as advertised
25 January
Robin Taggart
Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This handy portable vacuum is designed primarily as an add-on item for people who have already invested into the Dewalt cordless system. It comes as a bare unit (i.e. no battery included) and requires a Dewalt battery to be fitted for cordless operation.It does have a 240V plug and lead fitted, so it will work on mains power straight out of the box.If you do have Dewalt batteries, it says on Dewalt's (UK) website that it will work with 14.4V, 18V and Flexvolt 18V/54V variable batteries (the unit does not appear to work with earlier Dewalt 10.8V XR batteries).This makes it really handy as a battery can quickly & easily be taken off a cordless tool and clipped straight onto the vacuum for use.It is an excellent little hoover for cleaning up after smaller DIY jobs. I am not convinced it is a heavy enough build for constant or professional daily use, but Dewalt has much larger models for that (Dewalt DWV901/902, for instance).Whether using battery or mains, the unit is switched on using the flip switch which is located on the top cover and partially protected by the carry handle.Using the narrow nozzle - which stores conveniently inside the handle - it will clean up fine dust and larger wood chips or masonry fragments (up to 10mm) very well. Debris is sucked up via the hose and dumps straight into the lower black plastic section, which is made out of durable and easily-cleaned plastic. This section is fully removable - using the two big plastic side clips - and can be washed out. Air passing through the upper (yellow) motor section of the hoover is protected by a removable filter, which also twists off easily for cleaning.Dewalt rates this vacuum as suitable for wet & dry use; I have not tried it with wet debris but certainly it has been easy to use with dry debris of different types and sizes, and has handled all of them well. The filter can be cleaned with a sharp tap even when coated in sticky plaster and fine masonry dust.When purchasing Dewalt tools you are very much investing into a system and the DCV584 is no exception. The overall design of the unit is well thought-out (with one exception - see later), and the two nozzles included store easily to hand; the broad one stores vertically on the front of the vacuum and the narrow one, as mentioned, within the handle. The vacuum hosepipe wraps around the opposite end of the unit, firmly clipped into it at the motor end using Dewalt's Airlock system - which locks with a twist to ensure hose ends stay connected - and a looser plastic clip stores the other working end. The hosepipe dips down in a U-shape around the end of the vacuum where the cordless battery slides in. The 240v cord and plug wrap around broad lugs on the top carry handle - well out of the way - and have never loosened from their retaining clips in the time that I have had the unit.However, it is the dust extraction tubing and where it attaches that a couple of weaknesses of this design are exposed.The accordion tubing - although it has a small amount of extension built into it - is very short for all but portable use, when you are carrying the unit in one hand and vacuuming with the other. This is clearly the unit's primary design. You cannot, however, set the unit on the ground while attached to a jigsaw or plane on a workbench - the hose is too short. You could set the unit at the same height as the workpiece, but in practice you'd be constantly moving it around and out of the way. Dewalt says the tube is 2m long, but I cannot get mine to stretch beyond 1.5m without risk of damaging it.The other major weakness - the biggest one in practical use - is the air outlet port from the motor. This comes out horizontally at the side, just beside where the accordion hose plugs into the body. It means in use you have to be careful that the unit is facing AWAY from whatever you are cleaning, otherwise the vent from the powerful motor blows all the debris you are trying to clean up away from both you and the vacuum! This is a definite design fault, and hopefully on future models they will move the exhaust port so that it faces vertically upwards instead.It's not a game-changer in terms of buying the unit or not (I'd still recommend it as it's so handy), but it is something you have to constantly bear in mind when working with it, especially if you are in a confined space and having to turn the unit around constantly because of the short hose!Both of these weaknesses could be overcome by making an additional investment in a longer Dewalt Airlock pipe, but these are not cheap to buy! The Airlock system also allows you to invest in other compatible Dewalt locking fittings - made in different diameters - so that this vacuum will work with, for instance, the dust ports on a Dewalt 18V Cordless Jigsaw, Planer or Circular Saw.In summary, this is a superb and exceptionally handy vacuum unit for someone who already has Dewalt cordless tools and batteries. It could also be purchased to be used with the mains cord alone, although this would miss out on much of the convenience. It is very handy for cleaning up after small jobs and lighter usage. It does have a couple of design flaws which need thought in use to work around, but I think on balance convenience outweighs these issues. Further compatibility with the wider Dewalt range and the potential to extend the vacuum hose & fittings via the Airlock system is another benefit.DON'T buy if you are looking for a dust extractor to cope with heavy jobs or constant use - you'll need to invest more money in a heavier build.DO buy if you are looking for a cordless vacuum suitable for cleaning up after lighter, DIY-style jobs.DO buy if you are looking for convenience and compatibility with your existing Dewalt tools and cordless batteries.OVERALL: A recommended BUY.
19 January
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