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Makita HP0300 320W 10mm Combi Drill 240V
Makita HP0300 320W 10mm Combi Drill 240V
22.85per month
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Makita HP0300 320W 10mm Combi Drill 110V
Makita HP0300 320W 10mm Combi Drill 110V
22.85per month
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Combi drill set: the all-rounder

This multi-functional electric power tool gives you unlimited options with its additional features. It is basically a complete drill driver but also has its uses as the hammer, providing your machine the vigor to hole into bricks or masonry as well.

Why use cordless 18 V combi drill set

Depending on the project you have taken up, you have probably already run some research into what kind of tools you may require. Are you looking to drill big screws into walls or would drilling small screws into soft wood be all you need?

The 3 major uses of this machine are:

  1. Drilling of holes into various surfaces i.e. wood, metal or other.
  2. Driving of screws into several kinds of surfaces.
  3. Drilling of holes into harder surfaces such as concrete or bricks, with the help of its hammer head.

It also comes with 2 – 3 speed setting variations:

  • The Low speed option which supports applications with higher torque, for example driving small screws.
  • The high speed setting which is perfect for drilling into metal or woods with perfection.
  • Hammer Blows Speed is a rather functional feature then a speed setting, but is usable in specific conditions and works highly precisely for that matter.

When choosing a good set, consider your usage first. Some other factors also must be considered while buying.

  • A brushless motor means better efficiency.
  • A metallic chuck or gear box is always a winner.
  • Design of the machine should be compact to easily handle.
  • Lightweight body is a plus for any gear.

Best combi drill deals

When searching high quality but cheap brushless combi drill sale point?

Look no further as we have got you covered. UK Planet Tools is the place for every kind of drill combi set that’s not expensive much either, from leading manufacturers such as DeWalt, Bosch, Makita and several other leading brands. Head to our online store and order the ones you desire.

All our tools are available for a very good price and you can avail delivery free of charge, across mainland UK. Be it in London or Birmingham, or even in Glasgow or Liverpool, or perhaps in Bristol and Manchester and the nearby areas; standard delivery time is no more than 4 – 5 working days.

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