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Latest product reviews
Fabio de Campos Pereira Verified Order
Awesome storage solution … always reliable and with the tstack module makes life easier!!
6 May
Ian Clark Verified Order
Early days but happy so far.
3 May
Eddie Verified Order
Well made, light weight mower. Just gets around our estimated 500m sq lawns on two 3AH batteries which I have from previous Makita tools. Other great thing is the plastic deck. A steel one was the downfall of our previous mower as it just rotted through.
3 May

Looking for the best cordless leaf blower UK?

Check our online tools store and find all renowned brands with high quality products for a reasonably good price. We also offer free delivery from London, Birmingham, and Liverpool to Manchester, Bristol, and Glasgow and all over the mainland UK.

5 reasons to purchase ultimate Garden Gear: Cordless Leaf Blower

Primarily meant to clear heaps of dead leaves off the backyard, the garden space or porch, a powerful cordless leaf blower works in more ways than one. It is a highly practical piece of equipment for clearing up trimmed grass off your premises, to quickly dry large wet surfaces, or blow away the aftermath of a garden party. It can even be handy for clearing up the snow deposition around your car or off the pavements. In short, it’s a rather good investment for multiple uses.

And here are the 5 reasons to buy the best cordless leaf blower vacuum UK, that explain why a battery-operated version is superior to its mains counterpart.

1. Leaf blower cordless Lightweight

First thing you notice about the machine is its lightness of weight. It is significantly lighter in comparison to the petrol or the gas versions, owing to its utilization of Lithium-ion battery replacing the heavy fuel tanks. Most of these models are no more than 10 pounds in weight, which is a good weight to carry around with ease.

2. Easy to recharge Li Ion batteries

The modern-day compact cordless leaf blower has a minimum of 18V power battery with following advantages:

  • Almost half in weight compared to old models like Ni Cad
  • No interruption in the operational consistency even if the charge is low
  • Offer much better lifetime
  • Can be recharged with any compatible charger

3. Less emission

In terms of emission, this handheld garden tool is a winner over gas models any day, with far less fuel emission and a significantly lower noise pollution. While the corded ones produce annoyingly loud jarring sound while working, this one goes rather quietly.

4. Lower maintenance

Since there is no petrol or gas, the operations are less of a hassle. No more worrying about fuel refills, no need to fuss about the oil levels, and there are no spark plugs to be replaced often.

5. Affordable prices

Evaluated against the traditional gas powered models, these brushless motor machines are definitely not expensive, if not outright cheap.

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