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Stanley 1-77-174 MW40M Counter Measuring Wheel
Stanley 1-77-174 MW40M Counter Measuring Wheel
20.66per month
No reviews
DeWalt DE0882 1/4"  3.3mm Floor to Ceiling Laser Pole
DeWalt DE0882 1/4" 3.3mm Floor to Ceiling Laser Pole
45.33per month
No reviews
Stanley STA533886 FatMax 5m/16ft Tape Measure Pack of 2
Stanley STA533886 FatMax 5m/16ft Tape Measure Pack of 2
11.00per month
No reviews
Stanley STA533886 FatMax 5m/16ft Tape Measure Pack of 3
Stanley STA533886 FatMax 5m/16ft Tape Measure Pack of 3
16.66per month
No reviews
Stanley STA533886 FatMax 5m/16ft Tape Measure Pack of 4
Stanley STA533886 FatMax 5m/16ft Tape Measure Pack of 4
23.66per month
51 review
Stanley STA533886 FatMax 5m/16ft Tape Measure Pack of 5
Stanley STA533886 FatMax 5m/16ft Tape Measure Pack of 5
29.66per month
No reviews
Stanley STA533886 FatMax 5m/16ft Tape Measure Pack of 6
Stanley STA533886 FatMax 5m/16ft Tape Measure Pack of 6
35.00per month
No reviews
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Measuring and levelling tools are an essential part of any workshop or construction site. At UK Planet Tools, we offer a wide range of high-quality options to suit your needs. Our selection includes tape measures, spirit levels, laser levels, and more.
Our tape measures are designed for durability and accuracy, with strong steel blades and easy-to-read markings. We also offer a range of lengths to suit your specific requirements.
Spirit levels are a must-have for ensuring that surfaces are level and straight. We carry a variety of sizes and types, including vials for both horizontal and vertical measurements.
Laser levels are a more advanced option for precise levelling and alignment. These tools use lasers to project a level line onto a surface, making it easy to achieve perfect results every time.
In addition to these tools, we also carry a range of accessories to help you get the most out of your measuring and levelling equipment. This includes replacement vials, carrying cases, and more.

Here is some additional information about the different types of measuring and levelling tools that are available:

•    Tape Measures: These are the most common type of measuring tool, and are used for quick and easy measurement of distance. They typically feature a long, flexible steel blade that can be extended and locked in place at various lengths. Many tape measures also have additional features, such as metric and imperial markings, a belt clip for easy carrying, and a rubber or fabric coating for added durability.
•    Spirit Levels: Spirit levels are used to determine whether a surface is perfectly horizontal or vertical. They consist of a long, straight body with a glass vial that is filled with a liquid and air bubble. When the bubble is centered in the vial, the surface is level. Spirit levels are available in a range of sizes and styles, including hand-held models and larger versions that can be mounted on tripods.
•    Laser Levels: Laser levels are a more advanced type of levelling tool that use lasers to project a straight line onto a surface. This makes them ideal for tasks that require precise alignment, such as installing cabinets or hanging pictures. Laser levels can be handheld or mounted on a tripod, and are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit different needs.
•    Other Tools: In addition to tape measures, spirit levels, and laser levels, there are a number of other tools that can be used for measuring and levelling. These include rulers, calipers, micrometers, and more. Each of these tools is designed for a specific purpose, and can be used in a variety of applications.

At UK Planet Tools, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best products and services. Whether you are a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, we have the tools you need to get the job done right. Accurate data is indispensable in any kind of technical work. The quality of work depends on accuracy. For a specific job, a specific type of tools to measure are used. With the help of control devices, physical characteristics are calculated, as well as spatial parameters, dimensional errors.

Varieties of tools that measure

Today, you can find such types of level and measuring tools:

  • area measurement tools;
  • height measuring tools;
  • angle measuring tools;
  • floor leveling tools;
  • ground leveler tools;
  • concrete leveling tools;
  • other.

Area measurement tools

The basic set is, of course, a measuring tape, paper and pencil. Although, as mentioned above, this will not be enough to obtain the most accurate data. In principle, each measurer or designer has their own room measure tools and the things by which they take measurements. The beginning of any apartment renovation also begins with such work. It is important to know not only the area of the rooms, but also the length, width and height of the walls, the distances between windows, doors, radiators, various niches, ledges, etc.

Height measuring tools

Height is a relative value, that is, this value is always relative to something. The reference point can be any surface. For example, no one will measure the height of a house relative to sea level, here the starting point is the surface of the ground on which the building is built. All special cases are measured according to the same principle: the height of a tree, buildings, etc. 
With the development of science, tools are also improved. Height measuring tools are no exception. So, modern devices can be high quality optics, laser or digital devices.

Angle measuring tools

To measure angles, such devices as a goniometer (the simplest), astrolabe, quadrant are used. There are other devices, but they are used in highly specialized professions such as astronomy, aviation, the automotive industry and more. There are angle measuring tools for ultra-precise measurements, and there are a lot of them. Some of these things are well known to almost everyone from school, while other types are more improved, and can be used at a distance.

Floor leveling tools

Sometimes, even in a beautiful and cozy room, a crooked base appears, which has a huge number of flaws. For this reason, finishing the floor with leveling tools should be given maximum attention in the very first stages. Before laying any kind of flooring, you should think about how to level the floor in the apartment. The floor will not be leveled if you do not do the appropriate work. But at the same time, it is worth remembering that for work you should stock up on floor leveling tools. Before you start leveling the floors in the apartment, you need to know about the full set, which you definitely can’t do without.

Tools for leveling ground

Only after the operation of the equipment on the ground, we can talk about its relative evenness. Without manual labor, it is often impossible to do in any case. If the soil on the site does not have serious defects, then it is more profitable to do it yourself with the help of lawn leveling tools. As a rule, they do not take much time, it is quite possible to cope with them in a few days, but work will require garden leveling tools and materials.

Concrete leveling tools

The most important decorative requirement for concrete surfaces is perfect evenness and smoothness. The achievement of these quality indicators is provided by a special set of level tools, which is used in such cases. A concreted area can be leveled and made absolutely smooth at different stages of work, but its efficiency is important.

Where can I buy self leveling tools and the like?

Check out the UK Planet Tools online store because we offer:
1.    Soil leveler tools and many other high quality goods that are not expensive. Good prices are our policy.
2.    We offer truly the best products, despite the fact that they are cheap.
3.    We offer delivery to London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow, Bristol, Manchester and any cities of the mainland UK.
Our shop is the place where all the necessary equipment for different types of work is collected. Our online store accepts and processes orders 24/7.  


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