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DeWalt Laser Level

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The traditional system of precise surface flattening - or levellers - have their own limitations. They cover a shorter area and are prone to human error in taking the reading etc. This is why we have the Dewalt self levelling laser.

These gadgets produce a multi-amplified light beam going straight ahead for creating a reference over a long distance. They are available as 2 main types depending on their function. They are:

  1. Pipe lasers: Smaller in size with extra visible beams specifically designed to facilitate pipe laying under the ground with precise grading
  2. Levelling Lasers: primarily used in guiding symmetry, they also help immensely with land surveys, floor laying, and even drawing straight lines on long wooden boards

Benefits of Dewalt laser levels

Dewalt outdoor laser level offers plenty of advantages with its plethora of functions and applications. Be it a construction or a DIY project, you will be amazed at the range of applications this versatile gadget offers:

  • At least 10 times more accurate than a regular leveller
  • Eliminates any chance of a mistake
  • Ability to work over a long distance
  • Easier to steady and use, such as Dewalt laser level with tripod
  • Can be operated by a single person even for an extended distance/range
  • When mounted on the tripod, legs can be adjusted to level the bubble
  • While red beams work perfectly well indoors, they may not be as visible outdoors which is why the green beam laser level is the perfect solution for any project 

Dewalt green laser level: Salient Features

Dewalt upholds exquisite design and quality standards in every tool they manufacture.  This green laser level by Dewalt comes with a 2.0 Ah battery and a carry case. It features:

  • A green laser beam, which is tested to be 4 times more discernible from a working range of 30 meters
  • Locking pendulum to avoid any damages
  • Emits a self-Levelling Cross Line
  • Also works in manual mode, with a variable blinking sequence
  • Gives precision of +/- 3mm as measured from a distance of 10 meters
  • Can work at a range of 30 meters without a detector
  • Can work at a range of 50 meters with a detector
  • Pulse mode for using with detector while maintaining full brightness
  • Integrated Magnetic Pivoting Base with ¼” Thread
  • Also comes with a Dewalt laser level tripod

Where to buy Dewalt laser level with green light?

You can find several models of the Dewalt green beam laser level on our online tool store for a truly good price. Highly advanced options like this may not be too cheap but owing to their high quality, they seem not expensive at all. You can order this Dewalt laser level at the best price anywhere in mainland UK from London to Liverpool to Manchester and from Birmingham to Bristol to Glasgow. We’ll also ensure free delivery to your doorstep within 5 business days.  

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