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Stanley Screwdrivers

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A Stanley screwdriver is a rod, at one end of which there is a comfortable handle, and the other is sharpened for a certain type of thread. The handle is made from either plastic, rubber or wood. For optimal performance, it must be grippy and fit well in the hand of the master. Both an ordinary home master and a sophisticated professional cannot go without the Stanley screwdriver – a simple tool with great functionality. Without it, the installation of products, as well as the replacement and repair of parts for which threaded connections are used, is impossible. You can buy tools online with delivery at any time.

Types of Stanley screwdrivers

These types of Stanley workmaster screwdrivers are available for sale:

  • Magnetic
  • Multi bit
  • Ratchet

Stanley magnetic screwdrivers

A Stanley magnetic screwdriver set is handy for driving screws in hard-to-reach places. These are in-demand tools that are widely used in all sorts of jobs, and they should be in the arsenal of any man. It is important to ensure that such a tool is of high quality and reliable. A screwdriver with a magnetic holder is much more convenient than an ordinary one.

Stanley multi bit screwdrivers

Since the advent of Stanley multi bit screwdrivers with interchangeable parts, the production of bits for unscrewing various fasteners has also begun to develop at an active pace. At the moment, the industry produces numerous varieties of bits. An important component when choosing a particular bit is the material from which it is made, as well as a coating that can withstand various influences.

Stanley ratchet screwdrivers

Stanley ratchet screwdrivers are relatively new, but have already become very popular. The reversible screwdriver consists of a handle with an anti-slip coating, but it also has a switch that allows you to work in three modes, as well as a ratchet mechanism built into the metal rod of the working part. So, this is a more complex instrument, although manual.

Best place to buy Stanley screwdrivers

You can buy Stanley screwdriver sets and many other useful tools in our online shop. Advantages of our store:

  • Best, high quality and not expensive tools, including Stanley screwdriver sets
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We have a lot of screwdriver sets by Stanley and other tools for any type of work.

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