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Hilka 230v Electric Stapler | PTESN230
Hilka 230v Electric Stapler | PTESN230
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Staple gun is a compact tool designed for high quality connecting of various elements with metal brackets. There are two main types of such tools - stationery and mounting. Cheap stationery staple guns with staples are designed for fastening paper sheets, while mounting tools are used for connecting solid materials – the density of which does not prevent the passage of fasteners. The reliability of such a connection is in no way inferior to small nails.

What types of staple guns are available in the shop?

If you are looking for the best staple guns, take a look at our range at UK Planet Tools:

  • Tough Master with Adjustable Force Regulator
  • Tough Master with Plated Steel Body
  • Stanley Heavy-Duty Sharp Shooter
  • Other goods

Staple gun for wood

Wood is a modern finishing material that is very popular. It is used in the interior of living rooms, in the design of buildings and facades, for cladding baths, and saunas. For this reason, many are interested in how to properly attach such upholstery material so that it is easy and quick in time.

The best option on how to fix a wooden lining on the wall is to securely attach it with a wood staple gun. Fastening with such a tool is one of the most accessible and simple methods. Using such a tool, you do not have to use great physical strength.

Furniture staple gun

When the question arises of hauling furniture at home or carrying out other tasks that require quick fixing of objects made from soft materials, this tool comes to the rescue. An upholstery staple gun is a versatile tool with many modifications. With this handy device, you can quickly sew together two equivalent materials or perform a number of other construction operations.

The first thing to do is to decide on the purpose for which the tool is purchased. If planned to use rarely or for domestic purposes, then a hand tool would be the best option. If the main task is frequent repairs, then you should purchase an electric model. However, for mass production in furniture workshops, pneumatic models are most suitable.

Fabric staple gun

This is a mechanical device designed to fasten fabric and cut details. It is made from impact resistant plastic for increased durability. Fastening with a carpet staple gun is an economical and quick method compared to using pins, basting or glue. Consumables are staples needed to fasten the cut of the fabric. They easily break through the material due to quality sharpening.

Where can I buy staple guns?

People who are looking for staple guns for sale near me, usually visit our UK Planet Tools online store, because we offer:

  1. Big choice of staple nail guns and others tools from leading brands at good prices. Our products are not expensive but good quality.
  2. Easy site navigation, filters, and different payment systems.
  3. Delivery to London, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol and all cities across mainland UK.

Our store is exactly the place where you can find all the necessary equipment for diverse work.  

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