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Patio heaters

What are patio heaters for? Relaxing on your patio is a wonderful outdoor activity. However, with the onset of cold weather, being outside the house can be very uncomfortable. This problem can be solved partially by using special heaters, which are available in our store at good prices. You can buy tools online from us, and among them, there is even equipment for increasing the air temperature.

Varieties of patio heaters 

Patio heaters for sale will pleasantly surprise you with their variety. You can choose a device that is best suited for your site near the house. The most common varieties:

  • gas;
  • electrical;
  • pyramidal;
  • table top.
  • Gas patio heaters

The main advantage of a gas patio heater in the UK is autonomy and independence from the electric network. These devices are usually small enough to be carried easily from place to place. They provide efficient heating, and are relatively inexpensive. Patio heaters with gas are versatile enough to be used both indoors and in gazebos, porches and patios.

Of course, such devices have their drawbacks. They burn oxygen and release gas in small quantities. But if you use a heater outdoors, then this is not critical. 

Electric patio heaters

Electric patio heaters in the UK are different in that they do not require gas or any other fuel to operate. For their operation, you only need a stable connection to the mains, which these days is not a problem, since you can use a plug socket almost everywhere. Patio heaters of electric type have a very high efficiency, which approaches 100%. Almost all the electricity used is converted into heat. 

But the advantages of electric heaters for some may be disadvantages to others. If the power supply is unstable, for example, or it has stopped due to some kind of natural disaster, then you’ll need to stay without heating for a while. In addition, such devices can hardly be called economical. They consume a lot of electricity, so be prepared for additional costs.

Pyramid patio heaters

Pyramid patio heaters are different in that they have been designed with outdoor use in mind. They are portable, waterproof, and highly efficient. These devices generate enough heat for a comfortable sit-down in your garden. But all of the above does not mean that they cannot be used indoors, because they are quite versatile. 

Table top heaters

Table top gas heaters are compact enough to be placed on outdoor furniture. When developing such devices, the creators usually pay a lot of attention to design so that the heater can be admired. Most often, these heaters emit a flame that will create a cosy atmosphere in your area near the house on an autumn evening.

Why do people choose our online store?

Our advantages:

  • Delivery to London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool, and all other cities in mainland UK. 
  • Our heaters are not expensive, but are still the best patio heaters of a high quality.
  • Many have appreciated our service, because we care about our customers.

And remember that we don’t stop at cheap heaters, we also offer quality patio heaters at higher prices.

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