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DeWalt Circular Saws

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The Guide to Buying Electric Circular Saws

With the ability to cut wood, metals and even stone and the option to be used as a hand-held or fixed tool, a circular saw is every handyman’s dream machine.

Which circular saw should I buy?

While purchasing a circular saw, any tool-savvy person would consider some fundamental perimeters. Sidewinder or a worm drive, the most suitable blade size for your work, the weight of the machine, the balance it offers, the power, preferrable hand side, and the price.

And then the biggest conundrum of a handyman’s life looms large: To cord or not to cord?

Why choose Dewalt cordless Circular Saw 18v

Traditionally, corded saws were considered more high-performance. Nevertheless, technological advancement has bridged that once-significant performance gap, and cordless circular saws are fast becoming a tool of choice offering a number of pluses.

Portability: Key advantage making the DeWalt battery circular saw a winner

  1. Lesser risk of damage: No cords to worry about, interfering with your cutting or movement or accidentally being cut through.
  2. DeWalt circular saw with battery eliminates the risk of a power surge, which might harm your tool.
  3. High-efficiency electric power brakes for improved safety.

If you are looking for an 18v DeWalt circular saw in mainland UK, or the best cordless Circular saw 18v for sale, check our complete range.

What makes DeWalt Circular Saw a great choice

DeWalt is the leading manufacturer of power tools including the best circular saws, with high quality, great precision, and a very good price. The extensive range of DeWalt circular saw cordless or corded, is packed with greatly desirable features.

  • Lightweight, compact, and easy to handle; ideal for using in longer stretches without getting tired or stressing your arms.
  • Comfortable to use with a grab handle on the front
  • Comes with a dust blower and exhaust, keeping things clear while working.
  • Excellent Cut-line visibility
  • Airlock compatible dust extraction. Allows the use of an external extraction system.
  • Steel baseplate for effortless glide and durability.
  • Aluminum blade-housing on top, for added safety.
  • DeWalt 18v circular saw also features a highly efficient electric power brake, a safety must.


Additional features

  • Fine quality but not expensive.
  • 90° fine-tuning for fresh blades. Adjustable Allen-set screw to set the blade at precisely 90° with a square.
  • Packed in a sturdy carry-bag, with 3 pockets on the outer cover, a canvas-wrapped metal rim circling the top and rubber pads on the hard base to prevent damages.
  • Plastic blade holder with the capacity to hold 4-5 blades simultaneously, secured with a spring clip to prevent blades from chafing the bag or the machine.

Where to buy DeWalt circular saws in the UK

To get a reasonable bargain on tools, across the UK, check out our online tools store. With our warehouses in London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool and Bristol, get a quick delivery & free shipping on orders above £30.

Head to our online tools shop and find your perfect workmate at DeWalt cordless circular saw for sale.

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