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Latest product reviews
Fabio de Campos Pereira Verified Order
Awesome storage solution … always reliable and with the tstack module makes life easier!!
6 May
Ian Clark Verified Order
Early days but happy so far.
3 May
Eddie Verified Order
Well made, light weight mower. Just gets around our estimated 500m sq lawns on two 3AH batteries which I have from previous Makita tools. Other great thing is the plastic deck. A steel one was the downfall of our previous mower as it just rotted through.
3 May

Makita power tool bag: the ultimate accessory

When you need to store and transport all your precious electric tools, the Makita tool roll bag is the first thing you will think of. It helps you organize your small and large power tools into one compact space, without having to worry about wear and tear, since there are loops, pockets and compartments for various items.

Makita tool bag with wheels

This very handy, highly functional and very sturdy design includes:

  • Strong, smoothly rolling trolley wheels
  • External pockets
  • Canvas and other hard-wearing materials such as polyester for robust construction
  • Full-length zippered opening to simplify loading and unloading of equipment
  • Strong carry handles

Makita tool bag: roomy but compact

If you are looking to buy one of these, check out our ultimate large bag with a wide top opening featuring the following benefits:

  • Large top opening to make storing and locating your equipment easier
  • Internal and external pockets
  • Elasticised storage loops for improved organization
  • The secure, highly efficient strap system
  • Waterproof reassurance, thanks to the hard base
  • Hard plastic carry handle

Small Makita tool bag

The smaller version of the bag may be smaller in size but still ample in functionality. This Makita product is ideal for carrying smaller gear, this version is available for a good price and cheaper than its larger counterpart.

  • Internal and external pockets
  • Carry handles
  • Sturdy construction with materials such as polyester
  • Ample amounts of space

Makita tool bags for sale

When looking for Makita tool bags UK, you can always trust our online store to have the best high-quality stock which is not expensive either. Order your items today and receive your delivery anywhere in London, Liverpool, Birmingham or Bristol, and across mainland UK, including Glasgow and Manchester. The standard shipping time is 2–5 working days.

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