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Makita Nylon Belts & Pouches

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Makita E-15578 Stainless Thermal Mug & Holder
Makita E-15578 Stainless Thermal Mug & Holder
3.85per month
No reviews
Makita E-15207 Ultimate 3 Pocket Fixing Pouch
Makita E-15207 Ultimate 3 Pocket Fixing Pouch
11.47per month
No reviews
Makita E-15198 Ultimate 2 Pocket Fixing Pouch
Makita E-15198 Ultimate 2 Pocket Fixing Pouch
8.49per month
No reviews
Makita E-15366 Ultimate Padded Belt & Loop
Makita E-15366 Ultimate Padded Belt & Loop
10.00per month
No reviews
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Tool Belts and Pouches

Makita tool pouch: Buying guide

Makita is the leading manufacturer of high quality electric power tools and accessories. One of their premium work wear lines also includes Makita tool belts and pouches which are a blessing for handymen and professionals on job.

Makita tool belt pouch: The Options we have

The best thing about Makita tool pouch belt is the variety of premium line of work wear. There is a Makita electricians tool pouch for electricians with specific loops and holders; a wide selection of pouches for tools with 2 pockets, 3 pockets, holders, blue range hammer holders, with straps, draw strings and general purpose ones and more.

Tips to buy Makita tool pouches UK

Being a reliable brand, it’s safe to say that whatever product you pick, it will be a pleasure to work with it. Just consider these factors before buying.

  • Pockets and holders: when buying, look for a belt with specific pockets that match your toolsets and work requirements. Find a belt that has spate sections for hand tools and fasteners and tape measures etc.
  • Materials and reinforcements: If you are more comfortable with canvas than leather, than its easy to choose.
  • Strapping methods: these carriers come in a variety of strapping options. Would you rather wear it on your shoulder or tie it around the waist? Your call.
  • Climb friendly: When buying a belt, see how it will fit on your body with the weight of the tools and will you be able to carry it up the ladder, climbing with the bulk. Make sure you are not biting more than you can chew.
  • Usage of owner: Another factor is the usage. For professionals, it’s a good investment to spend more on leather pouch, as it organizes their work increasing productivity. For regular homeowners or DIYers, to be sparsely used, it’s okay to buy a canvas or a cloth bag.
  • Suspenders or no suspenders? Don’t let the weight drag you down. Shoulder straps or suspenders can be attached for added support.

Looking to buy some cheap products to carry your stuff to the jobsite? Good news, we have a range of items that are not expensive but provide perfect utility. Head to our online store and order your required items. For our customers in London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Bristol, Manchester and anywhere else in mainland UK, we offer items at a good price with free delivery.

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