TOUGH MASTER Industrial High Velocity Floor Fan 16-inch 3 Speeds Steel 120° Head Tilt Portable

TOUGH MASTER Industrial High Velocity Floor Fan 16-inch 3 Speeds Steel 120° Head Tilt Portable
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TOUGH MASTER Industrial High Velocity Floor Fan 16-inch 3 Speeds Steel 120° Head Tilt Portable
TOUGH MASTER Industrial High Velocity Floor Fan 16-inch 3 Speeds Steel 120° Head Tilt Portable
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Feeling all hot and bothered? TOUGH MASTER® has the answer to your cooling needs with this powerful portable fan. With its high-performance motor, 60° fan-head tilt and 3 speed settings, this industrial size fan gives you powerful refreshment just where you need it. It can shift an impressive air volume of 40 m³/min, so you know that this is one powerful fan. And it’s as versatile as it is powerful: In winter, locate it a safe distance from a heating source to direct warm air to where you need it most to stay cosy & save on your heating bills, too. For all of its power, this is a quiet fan; with its maximum noise level of only 50dB, it’s designed not to disturb your sleep, phone chats and telly time. When it comes to safety, this fan has that covered, too. The extra-sturdy radial fan grill protects your loved ones, your pets – and you – against accidental injury. Thanks to its light weight of only 2.45kg plus the carry grip, you can easily carry this 16 inch black floor fan to wherever you need it most. This 16 inch floor fan can be used as a tabletop fan, too, in the home or at work, at the gym. Wide, stable feet mean that this fan will stay where you put it. So when it comes to industrial floor fans and residential floor fans, the TM-FF40P offers a matchless combination of versatility and high performance.

  • Adjustable air flow: This portable fan has three handy speed settings, from a gentle breeze to a powerful draught; the fan-head also has a vertical adjustment of 60° so that you can direct airflow to exactly where you need it. Thanks to the fan’s carry grip and wide stable feet, you can easily relocate this industrial size fan for instant cooling and refreshment, right where you want.
  • Powerful air flow: With an air flow of 1600 CFM (40 m³/min), this 16 inch floor fan shifts a huge volume of air for maximum cooling, recirculating and refreshing the air to keep it from getting stale. In winter, use this industrial fan to move warmer air from the ceiling to lower down … which is right where you want it when the temperature drops.
  • Versatile use: You can use this 16” floor fan for more than cooling, you know! Locate near a source of heat to circulate warmer air to other areas of a room. That way, you can keep yourself cosy – and help lower your heating bills, too. With its powerful motor, durable build and quiet operation, you can use this portable fan just about anywhere: the home, gyms, offices and factories. Thanks to the wide, sturdy plastic feet, this quiet fan may be used on a tabletop – as well as the floor.
  • Quiet operation: Enjoy your cool comfort (or cosy warmth) in peace and quiet, thanks to the quiet fan operation. With a maximum noise level of 50dB, this is a portable fan that will let you sleep, chat, read and watch telly without being disturbed by humming or whirring.
  • Safety features: The durable fan grill protects against accidental injury, giving you extra peace of mind for your loved ones, pets – and yourself. Thanks to the wide, sturdy plastic feet, this 16 inch black floor fan may also be used on the tabletop. The two sturdy plastic feet, the stable design, wide base and low profile mean that this fan won’t easily tip over, giving you added peace of mind.
  • Portable design: With a light weight of 2.45kg, this is a portable fan that you can easily take with your wherever you need cooling; the recessed carry grip lets you securely and safely transport it with you. The sturdy, stable feet mean that this portable fan stays put on any level, stable surface. The fan’s stable feet mean that it stays put when you set it down.
Rated Power 50 W
Air Volume 40 m³/min
Power cable 1.5 m
Number of fan speed settings 3 speeds
Max. RPM 1250 RPM
Rated Air Flow 1600 CFM
Energy Efficiency 0.007 (m³/s)/W
Certificate CE, ROHS
Fan blades 5 blades (plastic)
Working Wind Speed 4.8 m/s
Diameter of blades 400 mm
WEIGHT 2.4500
Part No TM-FF40P
Barcode 5060279873588
BRAND Tough Master
Voltage (V) 220-240V/50Hz
About brand
Tough Master

TOUGH MASTER® offer a comprehensive portfolio of products ranging from heavy-duty & industrial grade Tools & equipment as well as high-quality household products, which inspires customers to use our tools and products with ease during their daily work while also creating comfort at home using our exceptional home improvement and household solutions, that brings to life the simple pleasures. TOUGH MASTER® is at the forefront of leading industry standards, providing the best products with top service in one click and our pioneering end-to-end customer support.

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